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Anne-Sophie Dagenais, Criminal Attorney

Me Dagenais is a Criminology graduate from the University of Montreal. Her professional experience began as a legal investigator, where she conducted numerous investigations and refined her interrogation techniques.

Having developed a passion for criminal law throughout this period, she then pursued her studies in Law, and continued her professional development working in both civil and criminal law firms.

Me Dagenais started her criminal law practice as a Crown prosecutor, which gives her an undeniable advantage as a Defense attorney. Due to her understanding of the State prosecutor’s functions, she negotiates fiercely to obtain the best results for her clients.

The wide variety of experiences acquired by Me Dagenais gives her the appropriate qualifications to prepare each file with diligence and discernment. By combining her knowledge in criminology and law, she adopts a compassionate and humane approach, by offering her clients an individualized service and defending their interests with dedication. Through her firm belief that justice is served by preserving the citizens’ Constitutional rights, Me Dagenais litigates thoroughly and contests the charges by pleading tenaciously.